1st Year Fee Onward Year’s Fee Total Fee
Tuition fee 18000 CNY Tuition fee 18000 RMB 1st Year 29000 CNY
Hostel fee 4500 CNY Hostel fee 4500 RMB 2nd Year 22500 CNY
Management fee (Residence Permit Visa Extension fee, Medical Insurance Fee , Medical Examination Fee in China )
5000 CNY 3rd Year 22500 CNY
Application & Visa , Registration Fee for Applying 1600 CNY 4th Year 22500 CNY
5th Year 22500 CNY
       Total CNY (RMB) 29,000 CNY   22,500 CNY  
USD 4500 USD $ Apx   3500$ usd Apx/Yr    
**Management fee includes Residence Permit fee, Medical Insurance Fee , Medical Examination Fee  , Case Presentation , Paper Management , Airport Pick Up, Service Fee and initial settlement of student at the university) 
As the official respresentative of Liaoning Jinzhou Medical University , GSIC also assists students with the Following:
  •  Airfare
  • 100% Visa Guarantee
  • Authorization of Documents Charges
  • Legalization and Attestation of Documents Charges
  • Admission Letter from University
  • JW or Visa paper from Beijing
  • Courier of Admission Letter and other Documents from China
  • Arranging and sending students to China in batches
  • Accompanying with students from Pakistan to China
  • Immigration Clearance in China
  • Transfer from nearest airport to University by bus
  • Arranging proper hostel for students
  • Assistance in Visa extension and registration in Government departments in China
  • Assisting in Medical Check Up and Medical Insurance in China
  • Most important .. Overall total care of the students in China for 5 years